Crane Country Day School

Joel Weiss


Head of School

Phone: 102



The Head of School is responsible to the Board of Trustees for the management of the daily operations of the school in accordance with the mission and philosophy of Crane. The principal duties of the Head of School are to ensure that the school's philosophy and objectives are met through an excellent educational program, a talented and dedicated faculty and staff, sound fiscal operations, and a sound physical plant. It is the Head's responsibility to implement the policies adopted by the Board of Trustees; to hire, evaluate, and supervise all personnel; oversee curriculum and programs; lead the school in long range planning; manage the financial matters of the school; oversee admissions, matriculation and scholarships; oversee maintenance of the school plant; ensure the health and safety of the facilities; support fundraising efforts; serve as the school's spokesperson; remain abreast of educational trends and research; and maintain positive liaisons with other schools and agencies. In addition, the Head serves as an ex-officio member of the Board of Trustees and as a member of several board committees. The Head of School is assisted by the Assistant to the Head of School.

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