Crane Country Day School Established 1928
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The second-grade community unit culminates with a coast-to-coast train trip that highlights every classmate's ancestors who immigrated to the United States. The class steps back in time to 1928 and boards the United Coastal Express heading from California all the way to New York City! Each student will have a chance to take on the role of a passenger as well as a train employee during the journey. Students have a chance to pick out some accessories to wear on the trip, as they prepare to dress up for the big adventure.

On the journey, students will be making several stops to see the landscape, hear more about special landmarks and national monuments, and take in the beauty of our country. Students will calculate the distance of the trip in math, paint the window scenes for the train ride during art studio, and make signs and paint the wheels for the train during social studies class. The design & engineering space is utilized to design and cut out wheels for the train.

All aboard! The train is waiting at the station when students arrive on campus. Parents wave and send them all off, students check in to buy tickets, and finally set off on their grand adventure! 

My child was so inspired to ask about our family history and hunt for old family photos. We had so much fun!
~ 2nd Grade Parent