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Exploring Community and Businesses

My business plan made sure I met the needs of my customers.

~ 2nd Grade Student

Exploring Community and Businesses

Second graders learn about goods and services, and talk about how communities provide for the needs of all citizens. The class creates a mural of a town with businesses, homes, places to play, and places to learn. Then, students work in teams to open a business of their own. Perhaps the town needs a pet shop or a toy store? 

Students learn about advertising to ensure people will visit their stores. Students study vocabulary about goods, services, prices, profits, customers, marketing, and sales. In math, second graders learn about managing money and making change. They grow into store owners, writing up a business plan in language arts, designing their storefronts in art studio, and business cards and advertising signs in technology class. 

This unit culminates with a Main Street, USA celebration where students transform their classroom into their town. The Crane community and parents are invited to visit and shop at all the stores.

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