Crane Country Day School Established 1928

On-Line & On-Campus Learning

Crane Connected during the COVID-19 Pandemic

For this year to be successful, we have to focus on staying healthy while continuing to academically challenge our students. It will take effort and trust from both the school and our parents. To help us achieve those goals, I share our re-entry plan, Crane Connected. Think of these protocols and systems as tools. They are devices to help us get through a difficult period of time, similar to how someone with a sprained ankle might use a crutch. These tools will assist us, but it’s important to remember that eventually we will let go of them, getting to run free once again. We will get through this and, at the end, emerge on the other side stronger and healthier.
—Joel Weiss, Head of School


Campus safety plan

The organizational structure has given my child a sense of independence during a difficult time. Thank you Crane!

~3rd Grade Parent

Crane Connected Overview

Crane Connected provides integrated on-campus and on-line learning for students during the school day. Both have schedules that continue to support Crane’s rigorous curriculum, maintain the joy of learning, and connect our school community on a daily basis.

Each family can select the On-Campus or On-Line option that best fits their child’s unique needs on a quarterly basis. Both options provide strong academic experiences while balancing safety and protocol with community.