Student Resources & Support

Crane’s learning services department consists of two full-time learning specialists and a full-time counselor/psychologist.

Beginning with admissions and continuing through graduation, Crane’s goal is to reasonably accommodate the learning needs and academic potential of its students. At times, a student may be referred to external specialists for evaluation. The school does not cover costs associated with outside assessment.

Brittingham Family Library

The Brittingham Family Library is managed by a credentialed professional who, in partnership with other educators, provides resources and instruction that support and enrich the curricula. Our programs endeavor to provide students with the skills to seek and evaluate information, to nurture a love of reading, and to become lifelong learners.

To explore the Brittingham Family Library and access resources:

Brittingham Family

Learning Services & Resources

Learning Specialists

A Lower School Learning Specialist and an Upper School Learning Specialist are available to assist students who require additional support. Learning support plans will be reevaluated as needed for optimal student development.

School Psychologist

For additional student support, the school has a school counselor/psychologist. This person works alongside the learning specialists to develop and coordinate systems, services, accommodations, and interventions to help students succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally. Examples of the activities the counselor engages in include consulting with teachers and parents to improve support strategies; providing short-term individualized support to students; leading social skills and friendship groups; collaborating with school leadership on school-wide policies and practices to enhance students’ well-being and learning; making referrals to and coordinating services with community-based providers; supporting the school’s efforts to enhance school climate and foster students’ socio-emotional development; providing crisis prevention and intervention services; collecting and analyzing data related to student outcomes; and providing professional development programming for teachers and presentations to parents.

Homework at Crane

The purpose of homework is to help students review the material covered in the classroom, and to assist in the development of organizational skills and the ability to follow directions. It also helps students become independent learners as they mature. Beginning in first grade, the amount of homework assigned will vary.

Additionally, students in fourth through eighth grades are provided student planners to help with organizational management. Moodle, a learning management system, is utilized by third through eighth grades to maintain homework assignment lists, expectations, and other resources. The school supplies required textbooks. Additionally, Upper School students are provided copies of hardcover textbooks for use at school, and an additional copy to leave at home to minimize backpack weight.

Silent Sustained Reading (SSR) & Study Hall

Each day following lunch/recess, a 35-minute period is scheduled for all grades. In Lower School, it is called Silent Sustained Reading (SSR); in Upper School, it is called Study Hall. Students can utilize this time to complete assignments. Students needing additional support with coursework are given the opportunity to seek out faculty who are readily available to help students.

Homework Club

Homework Club is open to students in third to eighth grades every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 3 – 4 p.m. in the library. Teachers and learning specialists supervise and offer assistance, if needed. Students are expected to use this quiet time to work on any assignment. There is no extra cost for students to attend this after-school group.

Standardized Testing

The ERB (Educational Records Bureau) comprehensive testing program is administered each year to students in third through eighth grades. The test results are used in a variety of ways, including teacher review of individual and class progress, planning for secondary school placement, review of the Crane curriculum, student eligibility for special programs, and long-term evaluation of classes. The learning specialists provide support for students, parents, and teachers in preparation for these yearly tests.