The Arts

A Culture of Innovation

We teach the fundamentals in visual and performing arts and then take it one step further through cross-curricular integration. Removing the barriers between disciplines engages imagination, encourages ingenuity, and cultivates resourcefulness.

Every child is a creator, a builder, an engineer, and a performer. Our program honors our students' innate abilities and challenges them to find their own voices. By exposing students to a wealth of creative explorations and opportunities, we help them discover their passions.

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Arts Programs

Studio Art

Students from kindergarten through eighth grade have Studio Art classes each week. Artists will learn to work together to create and support a safe, cooperative, and engaging community space where all can thrive. Projects will build fine motor skills, keen observation skills, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking skills. 

Music Hour & Spotlights

Music Hour
Each January, the music and drama departments coordinate a talent show in which all students have the option to participate. Similar to Spotlight, the acts performed are wide-ranging. Daytime performances are hosted in Cate Hall, and a nighttime performance is hosted in a local Santa Barbara theater. 

On Fridays, students are given the opportunity to perform a talent or present a topic of interest for the entire school during Assembly. Many students share their musical talents, but past performances have also included comedy skits, dance routines, magic tricks, and informative presentations.

Annual Art Show

In late January, the art department opens its doors to the community to share a wide variety of art exhibits created by each class at the school. This event traditionally takes place the same day as Grandparents' & Special Friends' Tea.

Lower School Plays

Kindergarten, second grade, and fourth grade perform plays each year. Preparations for productions are done in music and drama classes. Plays are a collaborative and creative effort, allowing students to practice public speaking skills. The plays are performed twice—once for the entire student body, and again for parents and visitors.

Upper School Musical

Every spring, the performing arts department has a spring musical. All Upper School students are welcome and encouraged to participate. Students have the opportunity to perform, as well as be part of tech crew, stage crew, costuming, and make-up. There are three performances, which are preceded by a dress rehearsal for the school, as well as after-school and weekend rehearsals leading up to performances.

Eighth Grade Independent Art Projects & Presentation

As a culmination of their art career at Crane, students learn how to write a grant proposal and then create a focused body of work in the art studio. This project is known as i@pp or independent art project and presentation. Students choose media, subject, and course of action. Emphasis is placed on the artist’s process, time management, problem solving, and perseverance as well as their final presentation and exhibition.

Independent Art Project
& Presentation

Santa Barbara Community Art Installations

Crane student artwork is featured throughout the Santa Barbara community on rotation. The Santa Barbara Public Market is currently showcasing student art.