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Yosemite Trip Week

7th Grade on Yosemite hike

Our early trip weeks are so important - they let students bond and challenge themselves outside the classroom.

~ 7th Grade Teacher

7th Grade Yosemite creek hike

Trip Week - Yosemite

Seventh graders gain a multitude of unforgettable experiences during their week in the fresh mountain air of the Yosemite Valley and Yosemite National Park. Students work closely with skilled guides from Nature Bridge, an environmental education program. Through team-building exercises that include the human knot and blindly leading one another through Spider Caves, students are challenged to communicate as a team and to take on a wide array of leadership responsibilities.

Physical challenges fill the week as well, with hikes to Vernal Falls, Nevada Falls, and Mirror Lake, rock climbing, night hikes, and top-rope climbing. Inspired by John Muir's writings previously read in English class, students also spend time on the trail journal writing.

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