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Catalina Island

Sixth Graders in boats at Catalina Island.

One of my favorite adventures was the night scuba dive. I loved seeing the bioluminescence - it was like swimming in fairy dust.
~ 6th Grade Student

The ropes at Catalina

Trip Week - Catalina Island

Sixth-grade students travel to Catalina Island for trip week each fall. They attend CELP - Catalina Environmental Leadership Program. Jean-Michel Cousteau founded the camp to show students how all living things are connected.

Students learn about ways to positively impact and made a difference in the environment, and about the ocean, tide pools, composting, and gardening. They also learn and grow, think and reflect, and have opportunities to push themselves out of their comfort zones. Adventures include snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, climbing a rock wall, traversing a high ropes course, and more.