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Sixth-grade English students bring one setting from the book Bud, Not Buddy to life. To introduce the text, students review the life during the Great Depression and the 1930's. One part of this unit includes an overview of Hooverville. After taking a look at and reading about these makeshift cities, students construct their own Hooverville in the Oak Tree Quad. The goal is to get everyone in the "family" inside the house and covered with a "Hoover blanket" (newspaper). 

When asked about the challenges of building a house out of cardboard and tape, students had this to say:

  • "Everything is frustrating!"
  • "My 'kids' were so annoying!"
  • "We didn't get the big box. That was unfair."
  • "The bark is in my clothing!"
  • "I'm so uncomfortable; there are too many people in here!"
  • "Snuggle up!"
  • "Having to work in a team was both good and frustrating."

No doubt, students get a better perspective on what it felt like to face living in a Hooverville.