Crane Country Day School Established 1928

Room to Grow

Crane School’s campus sits in a quiet residential neighborhood in Montecito, California, nestled between the ocean and the mountains. Its proximity to the beach, trails, and creeks allows students and Staffulty to take field trips on foot, bike, or by car.

The 11-acre campus has been intentionally designed throughout the school's long history to create harmony between the many green spaces and the buildings. Most structures follow the same architectural language that provides a sense of coherence that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. The physical property is the manifestation of our values - it's one large classroom that promotes joyful learning and prioritizes community. 

The three prominent quads - the Oak Tree Quad, the Mulberry Tree Quad, and the Olive Tree Quad - create a natural flow through campus, weaving students and Staffulty through breezeways, down hallways, and past gardens, sports fields, basketball courts, and amphitheaters. Visitors walk into classrooms and remark about the natural lighting and the thoughtfully designed, child-sensitive intricacies of each space.