Crane Country Day School Established 1928

Room to Grow

Crane School’s campus is composed of three parcels of land totaling eleven acres with a lease for a one-acre residential property adjacent to the head of school’s residence. The property currently has seventeen buildings. The leased property includes a single-family residence that houses the school’s teaching fellows, and a portion of the Crane Country Farm.

Buildings occupy 41,543 square feet of the campus leaving open space of just under nine acres. All classrooms have indoor / outdoor teaching spaces. The outdoor areas are utilized for many activities. There is an outdoor lunch patio with a shade structure, two playgrounds, a gaga pit, and gardens with teaching space and a chicken coop. Additionally, there is a separate kindergarten play area and garden.

There are four defined open grass areas, known as quads, which feature a wide variety of trees. These quads are used daily by students for silent reading and studying, as well as for school events such as assembly, graduation, and the spring event.

Athletic facilities include two large play fields for general physical education, soccer, and flag football. There are three basketball courts that are also used for volleyball.