Crane Country Day School Established 1928

Our School Culture Is Green

The value and practice of sustainability is an intrinsic quality of our school. Crane is proud to have an institutional mindset that helps manage what we have in the present while also building for the future. 

Student-led efforts that include compost heroes and a recycling program allow students to take pride in making changes within themselves and the local community, empowering them with the confidence to change the world.

Green Team

Making Recycling a Habit

It is not uncommon to find an art installation of repurposed materials created by our youngest students reminding us all to be aware of our consumption habits and practices.

Championed by our fifth-grade students, the recycling program teaches every student the importance of caring for our resources and repurposing materials. Fifth graders regularly monitor and collect recyclable materials around campus.

Sixth graders then utilize what they have learned about recycling to assist other students in determining what is recyclable at lunch.