Crane Country Day School Established 1928

Green Team

Being Green is a Team Effort

The mission of the Green Committee, a parent-led group, is to promote environmental awareness on campus and within the larger community by educating and putting in place sustainable practices in the daily life of the school. The Green Committee works closely with both the administration and student council to promote green events and programs.

The Green Committee is responsible for:

  • Green Events: Bike, Walk, Carpool to School Days & community beautification days are planned each year to promote environmental efforts and education
  • Parent & Student Education Programs: speakers visit campus to discuss green topics at assemblies, Parents for Crane meetings, and after-school events
  • Waste-Free Lunch Program: educating the community on how to support and sustain waste-free lunch 
  • Organic Fruit Program: organic fruit baskets provide snacks for students each day
  • Water filling stations on campus: installation of filtered water filling stations on campus as an alternative to plastic water bottles 
  • Future Green Initiatives Program: continued development of future green goals 

To me, being green means that no step is too small. I may not be living as green as I could be, but I’m trying. One step, one day, at a time.

~ Green Team Co-Chair