Supporting Staffulty 

We offer a comprehensive benefits plan to support Staffulty for the present and the future. While employee benefits are subject to change each year, benefits currently include:

Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance

Crane pays for the premiums of all its full-time employees, and provides insurance package options for many different circumstances.

Group Life & Disability Insurance

Crane pays for a life insurance policy for all its full-time employees, with a coverage amount equal to twice the employee's annual salary.


After two years of employment, Crane contributes 5% of the gross salary of all full-time employees to a tax-deferred annuity through TIAA-Cref. After five years of full-time employment, Crane contributes an additional 2% of the gross salary (total 7%) if the employee matches at least 2%.

Flexible Spending Account

Crane offers its employees participation in the school's Flexible Spending Account (allowed under Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code), which allows for an increase in expendable income through payment of the following on a before-tax basis: employee and dependent medical and dental care expenses (including deductibles and co-payments) and qualifying dependent care expenses.

Cafeteria Plan

Crane offers its full-time employees a Cafeteria Plan benefit, which employees may choose to apply toward the tuition of their dependents enrolled at Crane, toward their retirement account, or toward health insurance premiums for their spouse and/or dependents.

Generous faculty enrichment programs

There are multiple opportunities for Staffulty to apply for enrichment opportunities. These funds total over $120,000 each year and include the Eldon Boyd Fellowship, eScrip Summer Enrichment Grants, the Lejeune Teaching Fellowship, Dorothy C. Waugh Summer Education Award, and our Sabbatical program. These grants and fellowships are permanently funded to support the ongoing education and relaxation of our Crane teachers and staff.

For more information regarding professional development opportunities:

 Professional Development