Crane Country Day School Established 1928

Mission Statement

Crane Country Day School is dedicated to providing an experiential education characterized by a thoughtful balance of academic challenge and creative expression. We thrive as a community that builds character and confidence, while celebrating the joy in learning.



Doing Deepens Discovery

Learning is a journey, not a destination, and we know that engaging not just minds, but also hands and hearts leads to real transformation. Everything that we do is contextualized for the real-world through an applied educational experience so that our students learn not only the answers, but why they matter.

Find Joy in the Pursuit

Challenging ourselves is important, and, under the right circumstances, can be wholly gratifying. But challenging academics must not outstrip the joy of learning nor get in the way of maintaining a balanced, sustainable lifestyle. Personal well-being, mental health, physical activity, and nurturing habits that stick will always be a priority in a Crane education.

Value Your Voice

Each of our students is capable of anything, but that only matters if they know it and believe it about themselves. Learning in a safe and supportive environment allows our students to try new things while knowing that failure is an essential step on the path to success, building confidence through ongoing creativity and curiosity.

Cultivate Kindness

Personal integrity isn’t about doing the right thing because we have to. It’s about doing the right thing because we want to model the way for others. We equally value character development alongside academic development because we know who our students are is as important as what they know.

Put We Before Me

Our individual experiences wouldn’t be possible without the collective, and an inclusive culture is a shared responsibility. Together, we ensure that every voice is heard, and that students and adults not only feel included, but that they express a strong sense of belonging as part of their experience in this community.