Crane Country Day School Established 1928

We are Involved

Founded in 1982, Families for Crane (FFC) is Crane’s parent organization in which all Crane parents and guardians are automatically members and their mission is to support the school. They work closely with the administration to identify areas of need and develop programs that will strengthen the school experience. Many of the school's most cherished traditions (Hot Lunch, Spring Event) originated as FFC ideas.

The FFC offers numerous committees to join or chair, and sponsors a variety of engaging and informative speakers. FFC meetings are held on campus each month when school is in session.

Volunteer Efforts

There is no shortage of opportunities to get involved at Crane. The Families for Crane (FFC) organization sponsors several events and activities throughout the school year. Whatever your interest we have the job for you.

FFC groups include:

Fall Family Picnic Art Liaison
Class Liaison Hot Lunch
Crane Country Fair Sports
Drama Liaison Hospitality for Special Events
Community Service Holiday Staffulty Luncheon
Track Meet Green Committee
School Merchandise Spring Benefit


Families for Crane Speaker Series

One of our goals at Crane Country Day School is to help caregivers navigate their child’s social, emotional, and academic growth. Our family education program, which is composed of a variety of adult learning experiences, facilitate understanding of how your child thinks, learns, and grows as we help you to prepare them for an ever-changing world.