Employee/Student Relationship Policy

This policy is in accordance with California law AB 500.

Crane Country Day School encourages respectful, caring relationships between CCDS faculty/staff and students. Faculty/staff are expected to be professional at all times and maintain appropriate boundaries between themselves and students to ensure they avoid even the perception of inappropriate conduct. Employees must ensure that they do not cross the boundaries of a professional relationship.

Guidelines for Appropriate Behavior with Students

• An adult must not be alone with a student in a space that cannot be observed by others (e.g., an office without windows, an automobile).

• An adult must not socialize with a student or group of students off campus, outside of school-sponsored activities.

• An adult must not conduct private, personal communication of any kind with a current or past student under the age of 18 on any social media platform (e.g., “friending” or following a student)

• An adult must not interact with current students by text, email or letters, unless the communication is exclusively related to the adult’s professional work with the student (e.g., a class, a sports team). When emailing students, employees must use the school’s email system.

• An adult must not offer preferential treatment or disproportionate/excessive personal attention to any student.

• An adult must not give gifts that are personal or intimate in nature to an individual student.

• An adult must not have unnecessary physical contact with a student in either a public or private setting.

• An adult must not make or participate in sexually inappropriate comments, sexual jokes, stories, or jokes/comments with sexual innuendo around students or while acting as representative of CCDS.

• An adult must not seek emotional involvement with a student for an employee’s benefit.

• An adult must not discuss personal troubles or intimate issues with a student.

• An adult must keep parents informed when a significant issue develops concerning a student.

Furthermore, the guidelines above are expected of all employees with interactions with minors with whom the adult interacts with as part of his/her employment at CCDS.

Duty to Report

If an employee finds himself or herself in a difficult situation related to boundaries with students, the employee should ask for advice from a division head, the school’s counselor, or the head of school. When an employee becomes aware of another employee crossing appropriate boundaries with a student, the employee must report the matter to their division head or head of school. Furthermore, in some circumstances, employees must also report such conduct in accordance with the mandated reporter requirements.