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Student Resources

Britannica School is a great place to begin your research. Crane's library subscribes to this database of excellent quality articles and sources of information for your research. When you start your research here, you know the information is accurate and updated. The password is our school name. 

Britannica SchoolBritannica ImageQuest

Student Resources by Subject

Art & Music

Sing Along Songs, Music, Midis, and Lyrics
Sing along to classic songs. Test your knowledge of different kinds of music by genre.

Sea Shanties: Songs of the Sea
A very complete site with lyrics and midi files. Includes links to Songs of the Sea and tales of sailors.

African Music
Listen and read about the origins of African music & how it influenced music in America.

Ask an Expert

Ask Dr. Universe
Ask a researcher from Washington State University a question about anything. The website is interesting!

Ask a Geologist
Ask a question about volcanoes, earthquakes, mountains, rocks, maps, ground water, lakes, or rivers.

Searches 25,000 famous people

Searches 30,000 famous people. Good info but be warned about the distracting advertising.


Yahoo! for KIDS
A search engine and more, designed for the elementary student.

Ask Jeeves for Kids
This site will help you with the answers to all sorts of questions. Try it!


Speech help
Need to write a speech? This site gives good tips.

Enter a word to get words that rhyme with it.

Guide to Writing an Essay
Step by Step help to write an essay.

Health & Sports

Super Bowl History & Trivia
Do you know who won the Super Bowl last year? Have fun browsing through Super Bowl trivia and history.

Sports Illustrated for Kids
A great way to stay current in sports news, plus there are many fun features to enjoy.

National Baseball Hall of Fame
If you're a baseball fan, you must check out this site!

ESPN: all sports, all the time.

Homework Help


An online tutorial that can teach you each step in a math problem you are stuck on. This works for K-12 students. Wow!

Upper School Math Help
This site with help with pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry.
The world of math online. This site covers everything from basic math to algebra, geometry and beyond. Select the area of math you are studying, and...

Math Reference Tables
Need to remember a formula or want help with multiplication tables? Explore this site and see all that is here

Math Dictionary
Use this resource for examples and explanations of math terms.

Fun Fraction Learning
Take yourself through all of the levels.

A+ Math
A place for K-8 students to practice their math skills interactively using flashcards, games, and creation of personalized worksheets.


The Old Farmer's Almanac
Tide tables, sunrise tables, a farm, recipes , kitchen, and weather forecasts.

Merriam-Webster Online-Dictionary-Thesaurus
Type in a word to get a definition or synonym

Information Please: Kids' Almanac
Lots of facts about people, places, and more. Good for state reports

CIA World Factbook
Search for information about the countries of the world.

American Sign Language Translator
Click on a word to see its sign.


Time For Kids: News stories
Search Time Magazine for Kids online for interesting articles.

NY Times Online for students
News and information for students 3rd grade and up.


Shel Silverstein: The Official Site for Kids
Try the "Let's Have Some Fun" section.

PBS Kids
Games, activities, songs and coloring pages from PBS Kids.

Kid's Recipes
Delicious recipes from Taste of Home for kids to make themselves

I Spy
Can you find the hidden objects in these I Spy riddles?

Harry Potter: Wizarding World
Fans of Harry Potter will like this site!

Dav Pilkey's Extra Crunchy Website of Fun
For fans of Ricky Ricotta and Captain Underpants.

Curious George Fun
Mazes, puzzles, word searches, and coloring pages featuring our favorite monkey.


Your Weight on Other Planets
Find out how much you would weigh on other planets.

Sea World/Busch Gardens Animal Experts
A great site for animal information

Information about 208 different animals.

Illustrated Scientific Dictionaries
Many different dictionaries including astronomy, botany and landforms.

Human Anatomy Online
Tour through different human body systems online.

How Your Body Works
An easy to understand explanation of the human body and its systems.

Discovery Channel
Search for information on animals, dinosaurs, history, Planet Earth, space, and technology among others.

Social Studies

American Memory
American history is brought to life with pictures, sound recordings, movies, maps and sheet music. Amazing!


Verb Conjugation Practice
Mrs. Calderon recommends this Spanish verb practice site

Spanish Verb Practice
Practice -ar, -er, and -ir verb conjugations as well as irregular verb conjugations.

Word Reference/Spanish Dictionary
Translates words from English to Spanish and Spanish to English. This is the only resource approved for student use by our Spanish program. 

Class Teacher Links

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade Resources

Gold Rush Report Resources

Mountain Men & Tall Tales Resources

Fourthies, please use Britannica School. You will find much of what you need. Here is some information about some mountain men. 

Short Joseph R. Walker

Joseph R. Walker

John Johnson

John Liver-Eating Johnston- He changed his name to avoid arrest

Fifth Grade

Colonial America Research Links

Start your research here using these great links. Consult the books in the library and perhaps try Encyclopedia Britannica. If you choose to report on a person, check under "Student Resources: Biography."

Mr. Caron

American Revolution Links

Recommendation: go to Biography section under Student Resources on this webpage. It's a great place to search for famous people. 

Immigration Links

Upper School Spanish

Citing Sources

As you do your research, make sure to keep track of the information that you will need to identify your sources in your Works Cited. Remember that information may come from many places including books, magazines, encyclopedias, or Internet sites. Regardless of where you found your information, your sources need to be clearly and correctly identified in your Works Cited. Each source that you use will be mentioned as a separate entry or citation. For most books, you will find the information needed for the citations on either the title page, or the reverse side of the title page.

At Crane, we use Noodletools. You can access it from your Google Suite waffle, or below. On campus, you are automatically logged in. From home, you will log in with your Google account.

Reading Lists

Book Recommendation Links

Do you need a good book? Please stop by and get a personal recommendation. Or feel free to consult some of my favorite book lists linked here. The public library and local bookstores will help you find a good book, too.

Summer Reading Challenge

Summer Reading Challenge Brochures

Kindergarten, first and second grades use their own 750-page challenge brochures. Third through fourth grades share a brochure. Fifth has its own and sixth through eighth grades use the 1000-page challenge below.

Students who read 5000 pages are in the "Librarian's Circle" and enjoy unlimited library book check outs that year. Mr. Weiss has offered to take readers over 10,000 pages to lunch in the fall! Remember books must be age-appropriate. 

Note: Selznick's Invention of Hugo Cabret=285 pages. Wonderstruck=250 pages. The Marvels=211 pages. (Grades 5th and up for content).

Fourth graders and up must count half of the pages for books like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Big Nate, and Dork Diaries.

Library Information

Great care is put into selection of library resources. Crane School Library's collection development policy and guidelines are here. If you feel a library resource does not belong here, you can find the "Request for Reconsideration" form in this document.

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Traci Cope is a credentialed Library Media Teacher with a Masters of Library and Information Science. Prior to being the Library Media Teacher at Crane School, Traci taught elementary school.

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