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 Focus on Learning-Logos Pathos Ethos
Kristen Peralta

Crane's seventh grade English students found out that the simple question, "What is your..."

Crane's seventh grade English students found out that the simple question, "What is your favorite sandwich?" isn't actually as simple as they had originally believed. Little did they know that this question would lead them to the theory of persuasion and the study of Aristotle's three modes - logos, ethos, and pathos.

As English teacher Mrs. Lombardi shared with seventh grade parents, "Understanding how to persuade others and also how one is persuaded by others are both important tools to have in one's kit." That is why there are countless books, courses, and TedTalks on the topic of persuasion created for adults who realize the importance of honing this skill.
Mrs. Lombardi's approach to teaching the power of persuasion was more dynamic than sitting down to read a textbook. In true Crane School experiential education fashion, she guided her English students on a journey to think critically, find their voices as individuals and then as a group, and to express themselves creatively (and persuasively, of course).

And so, the Sandwich Project came alive as seventh graders set out to put Aristotle's rhetoric theory into practice and convince their audience which sandwich is, indeed, the best. Is it Peanut Butter & Jelly, Tuna, Grilled Cheese, or the Hot Dog? Through advertisements, a commercial, a speech and a visual presentation students made convincing arguments to defend the sandwich that was assigned to their group.

Nearly a century of experiential education at Crane has shown us that this approach leads to a love of learning. Not only will these seventh graders have sharp persuasion tools in their kit, but they will also carry with them a love of knowledge, curiosity, and growth. And they will forever have the skill of persuasion to voice their opinions and beliefs.

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