Ways to Give

Crane is an extraordinary school with joyful students, a dedicated faculty, and involved parents. We realize how fortunate we are to be celebrating over 90 years on our magnificent campus sustaining a sturdy financial foundation, but we do need support every year to maintain this position.

Giving to Crane can take the form of financial support and/or volunteering time. Current parents are encouraged to contribute in both ways to the best of their ability. From the beginning, we are transparent with parents that we are seeking support during three fundraising events each year: Crane Country Fair, Annual Fund, and the Spring Benefit.

Annual Fund

Crane's Annual Fund provides vital funding for our current operating budget. Each fall, we ask everyone in our community to contribute a meaningful tax-deductible gift. The Annual Fund makes up a critical one-tenth of all the school's annual expenses, including one-tenth of campus maintenance, one-tenth of teachers' salaries, and one-tenth of all science lab and art room supplies, just to name a few. Therefore, the Annual Fund benefits every Crane student.

 Annual Fund

Planned Giving / Lejeune & Crane Society

The Lejeune & Crane Society was established in 2005 to recognize and honor individuals who have expressed their intention to leave a legacy gift to Crane Country Day School. The namesake commemorates F. Arnold Lejeune, Crane’s first headmaster, whose passion for teaching kept him in the classroom until he was 75 years old.

Like Mr. Lejeune, members of the Lejeune & Crane Society share a passion for education and Crane’s future. Many of Crane’s closest and most generous friends have included the school in their will in the form of bequests, life insurance, real estate, trusts, and/or annuities. Regardless of size, these gifts are a critically important component in providing for future generations of Crane students.

If you, with the help of your financial advisor, are considering Crane in your plans, please contact Debbie Williams (805) 969-7732 x105 or dwilliams@craneschool.org

Our family decided to support the Lejeune Legacy Society to help ensure the long-term financial stability of the school. Our gift will help continue to build Crane's endowment, which we view as a way for our gift to keep on giving.

~ Tom Kenny, parent and past Board President 2014-2018

Capital Campaigns

Every four to seven years, parents are asked to contribute to a campus capital campaign that might be for a new building project or to increase the school's endowment fund. This fundraising does not replace the Annual Fund, but is a separate gift given in addition to yearly giving. However, since the capital campaign gift is mean to be a stretch gift, a family may pledge an amount over a prescribed set of time.

Online Giving 
Make your gift by clicking on "Donate Now".


Cash or Check

Write a check payable to Crane Country Day School and indicate to which fund you are making the contribution.

Gifts of Stock or Securities 
Contact the Development Office regarding your intention to give stock. Transfers of stock can be made to Crane’s Charles Schwab receiving account, number 0164 2160-9866.

Pledges are promises to donate within a set timeline and can be made to support the school in a variety of ways. Contact the Development Office to make a pledge to Crane School.

For more than 90 years, Crane has relied on the generosity of our community for both financial and volunteer support.
~ Debbie Williams, Director of Development